Does Debt Boost Self-Esteem?

Is Debt the Secret to Better Self-Esteem?

Credit cards are at the root of most national discussions about debt and financial security. Whether you carry a balance from month to month or always pay your credit card in full, using it as a cash management tool, most Americans would like to reduce their reliance on credit cards. Find out why we keep buying on credit and what lessons we can learn to lead more productive financial lives.

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Wiping debts away.

6 Steps to Take Control of Your Debt

Most people have some debt: a car or student loan, a mortgage, a home equity line of credit. In-and-of itself, debt isn’t bad. Sometimes it’s necessary. Where you and I can get into trouble is when we let our debt get out of control. High credit card balances, late payments and calls from creditors can ensue if we’re not careful. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to get and keep our debt under control.

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Real estate agent consulting a mature couple at office

Truths and Myths about Credit Counseling

Many consumers lose control of their finances. Some are able to get themselves out of debt and regain control. Others turn to professional help in the form of credit counseling. But credit counseling isn’t always the appropriate choice. If you’re having trouble with debt, it’s time to uncover the myths and truths about working with a credit counseling agency to see if it’s the right solution for you.

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Drowning in Debt: Is Debt Consolidation Right for You?

The economic and housing downturns have left many families without savings and home equity, and some even without jobs. If you’ve fallen behind on payments or simply want to get out of debt fast, you may be considering debt consolidation. It can be a good solution, but it isn’t for everyone. When researching the debt consolidation option, consider the following.

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