Money Lessons from the Government

Should You Manage Your Money Like the Government?

If you want to save money for specific goals, you might want to consider managing your money more like the government. One of the principles of government money management is the idea of “dedicated funds.” Certain government money has to be spent only on certain activities – health care, education, etc. – and these government programs are funded by specific types of taxes. How might this apply to you? You can take a cue from the government – and start taking better control of your finances – by setting up multiple savings accounts, each with a specific purpose. Find out more.

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Learn from Your Unemployment

What You Can Learn from Unemployment

Any period of unemployment is tough. You’re not sure how long it will be until you find another job or how much you will make when you do. You’re following your finances closer than ever before. But once you get out of the woods, you may find that there are many lessons you learned that you can carry over to the good times too. They can make any future bouts of unemployment less stressful and even make you richer in the long run.

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5 Tips to Get Your Financial Life Ready for the New Year (Part 1)

The end of each year brings a time for reflection and renewal, and this is especially valuable when it comes to personal finance. As the year 2010 comes to a close, are you better off financially than you were on January 1 of this year? What would you like to do differently so that your finances are in better shape at the end of 2011? Here are a few things you can do by the end of the year to improve your financial position for 2011.

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