Buying a Foreclosed Home at Auction

How to Buy a Foreclosure Home at Auction

A foreclosed home can offer you a bargain basement price as a homebuyer, but what about the pitfalls that comes along with buying these types of homes? There are risks associated with buying a home in foreclosure and when you buy the home at an auction, the risks tend to increase. Learn what you are getting into before you to take the leap and how to recognize red flags, so you can avoid common mistakes.

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Get Foreclosure Help with a Foreclosure Counselor

Heading toward Foreclosure? Get Help with a Foreclosure Counselor

Foreclosure is as much an emotional process as it is a financial one. If you’re heading down the path to foreclosure, one of the people you want on your side is a foreclosure counselor. Working with a team of foreclosure specialists that includes a foreclosure counselor helps to take the emotion out of the process to help you make sound financial decisions as you move through it. Learn what a foreclosure counselor does – and does not do – to help you during this tough time.

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