Live Simply, Save Money

Want to Save Money? Live like a College Student

Many recent college graduates fall into a financial trap of immediately upgrading their lifestyles once they get a job. They get a nice apartment (or buy a house) and buy or lease a new car. They buy a lot of expensive clothes and start eating at restaurants every day. As tempting as it may be to start living a more lavish lifestyle once you’re out of college and finally have a “grown-up” paycheck, that first paycheck often doesn’t stretch as far as you might expect.

Here are a few easy ways for new college grads (or people of any age) to save money by “living like a college student.”

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Get Great Furniture on the Cheap at Craigslist

Cheap (and Chic!) Furniture by Craigslist

It’s finally happening. You’re moving out of your parents’ house for college and getting your first apartment. Or maybe you’re tired of living with roommates and have managed to scrape together enough cash to get your own place. Or perhaps you’re upgrading from renting to buying.

Whatever the situation, chances are after paying for the place itself, your funds are going to be a little low, which is going to make shopping for furniture tough. You might think places like Target would be great for furniture bargains, but a lot of their stock is as much, if not more than Ikea!

So where are you going to find better deals than Ikea and Target? Craigslist. We explain.

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Being a Foodie Doesn't Have to Cost a Lot!

Foodie Fun on a Budget

Anyone can be a foodie. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be a “food snob.” It doesn’t mean you have to give up indulging in McDonald’s or enjoying a bag of Cheetos. It just means that you not only like food, you’re interested in it. You want to know more about what you are eating. You want to discover new tastes. And maybe most of all, you want to eat good food!

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A Great Halloween Bash Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!

How to Throw a Great Halloween Party on a Budget

Celebrating Halloween with friends and family is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. But for some, the idea of hosting the tricks and treats of a Halloween party may seem far too terrifying on the budget. With Christmas just around the corner and budgets already tight, it’s understandable to be more concerned with ensuring that you have enough to buy gifts for all your loved ones.

Throwing a spooky bash doesn’t have to cost much at all! Here are some great – and not so scary – ways to throw a festive Halloween party on a budget.

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Cheap and Fun Halloween Costumes

Cheap, Easy and Fun Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of those holidays that everyone can enjoy. In fact, I’ll bet there are a lot of adults out there who like it even more than the kids walking around neighborhoods hoarding candy. I mean, who doesn’t like getting dressed up in a crazy costume and going to a party… or three?

You don’t have to make Halloween an exorbitant expense. Step away from the assembly line costumes of sexy nurses, sexy vampires and sexy pirates (hmm, I’m sensing a trend), and vow to put together your own costume this year! We show you how.

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