Refinance Your Mortgage?

Should You Refinance Your Home?

Whether you’re interested in lowering your mortgage rate, or you’d like to shorten your loan’s term, refinancing your mortgage can mean big savings for you… or it might not be worth it, depending on your personal situation. Find out how to decide whether you should refinance.

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Is Mortgage Life Insurance Worth It?

Mortgage Life Insurance: Is It Worth the Cost?

Americans insure their cars, lives and homes. Does this mean that when the offer to insure the life of your mortgage comes in the mail that you should insure this too? Mortgage life insurance is an offer that typically comes from your lender and the message can be quite compelling. With a mortgage life insurance policy in place, if something happens to you, your heirs will not have to worry about making your home loan payments. As is the case with most financial decisions, however, there are pros and cons to buying mortgage life insurance. Let’s explore them.

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