Couples Should Know the State of Their Finances

Personal Finance for Couples: 5 Things Both Partners Need to Know

In many marriages, only one-half of the couple manages the finances. While delegation of duties may be a time management issue, it can be a problem when something happens to the marriage or the spouse who handles the money. Couples should be on an equal playing field when it comes to their finances.

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Change Your Budget Habits

How Do You Budget?

How do you budget? Many of us focus on the wrong things and set ourselves up for failure when it comes to budgeting. Let’s look at a new and improved budgeting system to simplify things and increase the odds that we bring in more than we spend.

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No More Excuses! 5 Budget Myths Debunked

5 Common Excuses for Not Budgeting Your Money

Budgeting can seem like math minus the fun – and we all know how fun math is. What’s exciting about adding up all your expenses and seeing that you spend way too much each month and need to cut back? Or maybe you put everything on your check card so you won’t overspend. Genius, right? Except you’re not building credit then, and unless you’ve also set up an automated transfer into a savings account, you’re probably not retaining any money either. But many people don’t want to hear that. Let’s examine five common myths that keep people from budgeting.

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Organize Your Monthly Budget Planner in 5 Simple Steps

Handling your monthly budget planner might seem unmanageable. But if you learn and practice how to organize monthly bills, you can save time, worry and even money. When you pay bills late, you may suffer numerous financial consequences, like late fees and a hit to your credit score. This can quickly stretch even the best-intended monthly budget too thin. Fortunately, several ways exist for you to learn how to organize monthly bills that do not require learning a lot of new skills or spending money.

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4 Ways to Slash Your Personal Budget Fast

Saving money requires discipline and a positive mindset. You can’t save much if you see everything as a “need.” There are things that you really need, like food, and there are things you want, like bags and shoes, that can be bought at a future time when the economic situation is better and you have excess cash. Right now is a great time to start being more frugal and save cash for unexpected emergency situations. Here’s how to slash some costs fast.

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Back to School on a Budget

As the school year approaches, kids and parents are starting to think about the same thing: clothes. Kids want the latest fashions. Parents don’t want to break the bank. Believe it or not, it is possible to accomplish both. It just takes some planning, discipline and a little compromise.

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Does Bulk Buying Save Money?

To Buy… or Not to Buy in Bulk

Sometimes we make financial decisions on the “bigger is better” principle. Buying a new home can mean more square footage for a growing family. A higher credit score is always a good thing. But what about shopping at supermarkets, discount department stores, or member warehouses? Is bigger always better? If you’re prone to pushing that oversized shopping cart up and down the concrete aisles, you owe it to yourself – and your budget – to think about bulk buying

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