What to Do with Your Investments in a Volatile Market

What to Do with Your Investments in a Roller Coaster Market

Being invested in the market as of late is like being on a roller coaster ride, although for most investors, not quite as fun. Find out what to do with your investments – whether you have a 401(k), stocks, bonds or otherwise – in a volatile market. Certified Financial Planner, Gelasia Steed, offers some helpful guidance.

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Are you making bad decisions about your money?

Everything You Want to Do with Your Money Is Wrong

When managing money, people are often their own worst enemies. Some folks tend to overestimate their ability to manage money and underestimate the risks and complications involved. This means that millions of people are missing out on big opportunities to save, invest and spend more wisely. Here are some ideas for how you can manage your money smarter – often by “doing” less.

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8 Laws of Investing from the Millionaire Next Door

I’m one of those “millionaires next door” who you may have heard about. My wife and I have two kids, ordinary white collar careers and a shared financial philosophy that has enabled us to build wealth even during difficult economic times. We call these our “Eight Laws of Investing.” Find out what our eight laws are and how you can use them to grow your net worth.

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7 Ways to Avoid Investment Fraud and Scams

Investing your money is a great way to save for retirement, college and other big ticket expenses. Unfortunately, sometimes our desire to see a great return on our money leads us to fraudulent investments. Scammers know that we all want the “too good to be true” investment to actually be true, and they work hard to convince us that it is true. Follow these tips to avoid investment scams.

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