Track Your Spending with a Budget Planner

Do You Know Where Your Money Is Going?

Have you ever looked at your bank account a few days after your paycheck was deposited and wondered, where the heck did all my money go? The key to finding out where your money is going is to track your spending. To get started, here are three top tips to keep track of your expenses, so you can evaluate ways to save money and keep your hard-earned cash in your bank account a little bit longer.

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How to Manage Your Money after Retirement

You’ve worked hard for a lot of years and the day has finally arrived. Your office mates threw you a party. You packed up your belongings. And you drove away from work for the last time. You did it. You retired. For many people, retirement means freedom. And while retirement does bring some freedoms, some restrictions come with it, too. In order to manage your money well after retirement, you will need to find a good balance between the freedoms and restrictions.

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Is Fear Draining Your Bank Account?

If you watch television for any length of time, you’ll be bombarded with commercials advertising everything from car insurance to mouthwash to home security systems. Most of the commercials use the same tactic – fear. And of course, the answer to all your problems – including that fear – is to purchase their products. Do you find yourself falling for this trap, causing you to spend needless money?

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3 Ways to Save Money on Regular Expenses

When making bigger purchases – furniture, TVs, etc. – saving money is important. One often-overlooked way to save money on a regular basis is with recurring expenses. Saving $15 on your grocery bill may not seem like much, but if you shop for groceries twice a month and save $15 every time, you’ve kept an extra $360 in your pocket each year. Here’s the scoop on how to save money on recurring costs.

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How to Budget: Learn Where Your Money Goes

Where Does All My Money Go?

Whether you’re using cash or a credit card, it’s easy for spending to get a little out of control. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get a handle on your spending and always know how much is in your wallet.

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