Couples Should Know the State of Their Finances

Personal Finance for Couples: 5 Things Both Partners Need to Know

In many marriages, only one-half of the couple manages the finances. While delegation of duties may be a time management issue, it can be a problem when something happens to the marriage or the spouse who handles the money. Couples should be on an equal playing field when it comes to their finances.

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Divorce and Money

Getting a Divorce? 5 Ways to Ensure It’s Not a Financial Disaster

Although we never like to think or talk about it, divorce is an all too common occurrence to which no marriage is immune. If you are considering a divorce or are currently going through with one, emotions are probably running high and out-of-control. Of course, divorce is a devastating experience, but approaching it as level-headedly as possible will ensure that you don’t make mistakes that could spell doom for your financial future. Here are a few tips.

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Top Money Tips: Why Marriage May Be Rotten for Your Finances and Side Jobs that Pay Big Bucks

Welcome to Quizzle’s Top Money Tips Roundup, where you’ll find this week’s top five most interesting, helpful and unique personal finance articles from around the Web. This week’s edition covers why marriage might not be good for your finances, side jobs that pay big bucks, tipping on take-out, how to save cash at the club and retirement tips for the new year.

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