money domino effect


A 500-mile storm front pounds the eastern U.S., leaving millions powerless to deal with a dangerous heat wave. Quizzologists analyze the domino effect of a weather emergency, and extract lessons for your money…

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Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving

Your Finances and Giving Thanks

Most people start to pay more attention to their personal finances when things go awry. But during the day-to-day, when things are going right, we often don’t take the time to appreciate what we have. Part of being a financially smart person means evaluating your money situation when times are good and taking the time to feel thankful for everything that’s right!

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How to Find Affordable Financial Advice

Where Can I Find Middle-Class Financial Advice?

“Failure to plan is planning to fail,” but many middle-class families struggle to get solid financial planning advice. The reason is that the financial planning profession is not well-suited to the needs of most middle-class families. Find out why it’s hard for non-wealthy people to get good financial advice and how to find a financial adviser to help you.

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Make Your Finances into a Game

How to Make Finance Fun

I know a lot of people dread looking at their finances, but honestly, I’ve never understood why. Dare I say it, I actually enjoy analyzing my finances. In fact, it’s something I often do when I’m feeling bored. Trust me, I’m no math guru, and I’m certainly no expert in stocks or bonds. I just get a level of satisfaction in tracking my progress, and you can too. It’s easy, I promise!

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Money Lessons from the Government

Should You Manage Your Money Like the Government?

If you want to save money for specific goals, you might want to consider managing your money more like the government. One of the principles of government money management is the idea of “dedicated funds.” Certain government money has to be spent only on certain activities – health care, education, etc. – and these government programs are funded by specific types of taxes. How might this apply to you? You can take a cue from the government – and start taking better control of your finances – by setting up multiple savings accounts, each with a specific purpose. Find out more.

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Secure Your Financial Future Today

5 Ways to Secure Your Financial Future

Remember the American dream? That good ole philosophy that we could have whatever we want. Well, apparently we took that notion a little too seriously and now, over half of people over age 65 receive income of less than $18,337 a year, according to Retirement USA. Perhaps we should’ve spread out our wants a bit more. Immediate gratification can be great, but what happens when you’re left with nothing in the end? Start by following these five simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a much more secure financial future.

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4 Ways to Slash Your Personal Budget Fast

Saving money requires discipline and a positive mindset. You can’t save much if you see everything as a “need.” There are things that you really need, like food, and there are things you want, like bags and shoes, that can be bought at a future time when the economic situation is better and you have excess cash. Right now is a great time to start being more frugal and save cash for unexpected emergency situations. Here’s how to slash some costs fast.

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