Save Money on Pets

5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Pet owners spend an average of $1,165 in their first year of pet ownership and a whopping $700 annually thereafter, according to the ASPCA. Between kitty litter, toys, food, health care, vaccinations, office visits and spays, owning a pet is expensive. But with these five tips, you can lessen that bill and get back to enjoying your precious pooch.

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Money Saving Tips for Pet Health Care

6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Health Care

Healthy personal finance means paying attention to your credit rating, watching your spending habits, creating a budget, and sticking to it. If you’re a pet owner, Fido or Fluffy is a family member – but also a line item in the monthly budget. You can save money while pampering your furry family member with these budget-smart tips.

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