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Free Product Samples for Your Pet

Studies have shown that our animal companions improve our quality of life, helping us to stay fit and improving our mood, but anyone who has a pet doesn’t need science to tell them that! You just can’t assign a monetary value to the joy of adopting an animal, but of course, caring for your dog, cat, bird or other creature does cost money – for everything from food to veterinary care. In these tough times, we’re all looking for ways to save a little cash. You don’t want to deny your friend the finer things in life, so we’ve compiled the list of goodies that are available for free!

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Save Money on Pets

5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Pet owners spend an average of $1,165 in their first year of pet ownership and a whopping $700 annually thereafter, according to the ASPCA. Between kitty litter, toys, food, health care, vaccinations, office visits and spays, owning a pet is expensive. But with these five tips, you can lessen that bill and get back to enjoying your precious pooch.

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