Save Money with Coupons without the Time Commitment

3 Ways to Save Money while Someone Else Does the Work

For the last few weeks, we’ve learned about the best places to find coupons, secrets from TLC’s Extreme Couponers and even the best couponing books to read. But, I’m sure many of you are still bemoaning, “I just don’t have the time to coupon!” It’s a valid argument. Scanning weekly ads takes time. Finding coupons takes time. Actually using coupons at the store takes time. And time is a rare commodity these days. So, how can you take advantage of coupons without spending hours every week? Fortunately, many coupon enthusiasts have done the work for you

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Where to Find the Best Coupons

Top 5 Places to Find Coupons

If you haven’t seen TLC’s latest show, Extreme Couponing, you’re missing out on quite a spectacle. To give you an idea, these bargain shoppers frequently pay less than 10 percent of their grocery bills, most of which are greater than $500. That’s a lot of free stuff! But one question many consumers have, especially when watching this show, is where to actually find these coupons. We’ve taken the guesswork out of “couponing” with our list of the top five places to find coupons.

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