3 Ways to Save Money on Regular Expenses

When making bigger purchases – furniture, TVs, etc. – saving money is important. One often-overlooked way to save money on a regular basis is with recurring expenses. Saving $15 on your grocery bill may not seem like much, but if you shop for groceries twice a month and save $15 every time, you’ve kept an extra $360 in your pocket each year. Here’s the scoop on how to save money on recurring costs.

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Balancing Your Budget with… Toothpaste?

The creative use of ordinary items you already have in your home can save you money. Consider, for example, plain white toothpaste. It’s cheap, especially if purchased in a clearance bin or dollar store. In addition to keeping your pearly whites shining and healthy, the humble tube of toothpaste can do the following for you at a fraction of the cost of buying a cartload of specialized products.

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6 Tips for Budget-Friendly Shopping at Yard Sales

If you’ve set up a budget, you know how hard it can be to keep on track. We all have times when our expenses are bigger than we thought. Shopping at yard sales can balance your budget again in a hurry. Put aside your biases (“new” is not always better than “used”), grab the classified section of your local newspaper, and start saving!

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Money Saving Tips for Pet Lovers

Money-Saving Tips for Pet Lovers

Americans keep 71 million dogs and 81 million cats as pets. The pet industry is huge, and filling a shopping cart in a pet store can ruin a budget. You pay attention to the big picture like your credit score, budget planning, and great deals on home loans. If your pets deserve a good budget checkup too, try these tips.

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Money Saving Tips for Pet Health Care

6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Health Care

Healthy personal finance means paying attention to your credit rating, watching your spending habits, creating a budget, and sticking to it. If you’re a pet owner, Fido or Fluffy is a family member – but also a line item in the monthly budget. You can save money while pampering your furry family member with these budget-smart tips.

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